Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Balsamic Marinated Cipollinis

Balsamic vinegar marinated cipollinis (small onions) are one of my favorite things. I love these and need to learn how to make them. They aren't too expensive ($8.99 lb) but for how often and how much I eat these it would be more economical for me to make them myself.

I have always had a love for onions. Anyone who really knows me knows this fact, and I remember eating raw scallions from our garden when I was a little kid. Most kids don't like strong stuff, but I did. I still can't get enough of these aromatic and flavorful allium cepa (that's Latin, baby for onion). When I tried these little gems, I was hooked.

They are sweet yet tangy and they have a wonderful crunch to them. Very refreshing and very savory. You can't just eat one. I've warned many friends who reach out with their fork for one of these. "Watch out, those are addictive." and they look at me with a doubtful eye. The next thing I realize is that they've gone and eaten the rest of the contents of the bowl. I told them!

My love for these delectable beauties has not been a long lived love. I first discovered these while shopping for groceries on a trip to Kaui, Hawaii. I was vacationing with my sister, Dori and her friend, Kathy. We had a luxurious condo with a large kitchen, and all of the comforts of home so we decided to cook when we didn't eat out. Of course you need munchies and snacks while we did the cooking. We bought a ton of olives and crackers and cheese, and Kathy is the one that said she wanted the marinated cipollinis. Oooooh, they were heaven.

So, one of my many quests in life will be to formulate a recipe for the perfect Balsamic vinegar marinated cipollinis so I may stuff myself to contentment. Now, I just have to figure out who's going to clean and peel all of those little tiny onions!

Go out and get some of these now!

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Thse onions are addictive.