Saturday, October 24, 2009

Good For the Soul

Since I have been sick this past week I have been making soup for days now, and today I changed my method. Today I baked the chicken with a little olive oil and salt and pepper, then cut it up and poured the juice in a pan. I then minced onion and threw it in the pan and turned on the heat. Once the onion was translucent I poured in some vegetable broth that I accidentally grabbed when I grabbed a chicken broth form the pantry. I brought that to a boil and added some shredded carrot (don't like big chunks of carrot in my soup) and some big egg noodles. Yum!

This was probably the best method I've had as I've been boiling the chicken in the broth. Roasting it seemed to improve the chicken taste and texture. Next time though I'm going to roast the vegetables with the chicken.