About the Food Side of Me

I've have a fascination for food and I like to mix the old and new techniques to make delicious food.  I want people to beg me to make a certain thing for them again.

I'm an omnivore (love my meats and most veggies), and I do not believe that salad is a main course.  Sorry, it stays on the side at my table.

I love bread; kneading it, shaping it, baking it, and eating it.  Especially eating it.

I love gravy.  It is nearly considered a beverage in my book.

I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas, with special emphasis on chocolate (dark is the best) and chewy things.  My favorite thing to eat is...no, it's not Turkish Delight, it's caramel.  Lovely and golden and sticky caramel.  Drool.

I love making pie, all kinds of them.

I love to cook for my friends and family and I'm always giving gifts of food to my neighbors, coworkers, relatives...anyone who will take them.

I'd make a wonderful Grandma someday, because I insist on feeding others.  I miss my Grandmas and I miss their cooking.  It was plain, delicious, and nutritious for the body and the soul.

I have the utmost confidence that I can make my food look as good (if not better) as it does on Pinterest.  I've been told that I AM the Asian Martha Stewart, and being a little OCD helps too.

I do have a food confession and here it goes: 

This may be a strange thing for me to say, but I do not eat fruit in general.  There is something about most fruit that...well, scares me.  I know that's ridiculous, but mushy textures, seeds, and strong fruity smells tend to push me away.  In some cases runaway screaming.

Yes, I admit openly that there are only two fruits that I will eat and they are apples (all varieties) and pomegranates (the sour ones).  I despise (peaches, melons, to name a few) or prefer not to eat (oranges, pears, to name a few) all other fruit.  I do like citrus flavors so the lime and orange and lemon candies are always a favorite of mine.  I have an aversion to red candies.  With the exception of cinnamon candy, which is usually red.

My fruit handicap does not stop me from making lovely fruity things though.  However, I am working on not cringing so much when I peel and slice kiwi for beautiful fruit cakes.  I also try not to swoon when I cut cantaloupe to wrap with prosciutto.  One day at a time.

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