Past Crafty Creations

May 13, 2016 ~ Warning!!! I've got Man-hands!
I can't believe that I haven't knit in such a long time! Gasp!! What's wrong with me?? Nothing!!

With my retirement from the Army, moving, and trying to get the house back in order, I haven't had the urge to knit. A lot of this is because I've been doing so many manual labor projects in and all around the house, my hands are so dry and unattractive. My skin feels like the "hook" portion of Velcro. So, every time I attempt to knit something, my fingers snag and stick to my yarn. Not cool!

However, I have put all of my yarn into my studio though. Funny thing, I had only a few skeins before we left home in early 2012, and now I have enough to start up my own small yarn shop! Once I get my hands back into "baby's bottom smooth" shape, there won't be much time that I won't be knitting!

September 12, 2015 ~ I've been knitting up myself yet another sweater. I've developed a pattern specifically for me, and I love the finished sweater. This one is about a third finished. It's usually a v-neck collar, but I think I'm going to alter the pattern yet again to make it a crew neck. That's a rounded neck for all you clothing term illiterates out there. As I look at the picture, I'm seeing an interesting pattern from the yarn dye. This is called "pooling" when certain tones seem to knit right up next to each other, row after row. Hence, the interesting tiger-like stripes. It should be an interesting FO. That's finished object for all of you knit illiterates out there! ;P

May 29, 2015 ~ I've been working on this cardigan called "Chance of Showers." It's been going well, but I'm not sure what I think of the style or the color. Cross your fingers for me that I'll like it enough to want to wear it when I'm finished!

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