Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I consider myself an instant noodle soup connoisseur, and when I was at Par Avion today I picked up this udon soup made by Annie Chun's. It looked pretty good, and I was pleased that it had the fresh style noodles and all you added was boiling water to the flavor base and dry veggie "brick". I was even happy that it came with a good sturdy bowl that was made from biodegradable materials. Once the cooking commenced, my hopes had diminished.

I'm not sure if Annie Chung is a real person, but obviously she does not know what flavor is. Let alone Asian flavor so the package boasts. The soup was easy to make, but after the 2 minutes were up with the steeping I found that the soup had gone cold. A biodegradable bowl does not offer much insulation as it seems. I nuked it a few minutes to put the heat back into it and started eating with a side of roasted kim (Korean seaweed). The broth was bland, the veggies were tasteless and chewy. The noodles stayed a nice consistency, but woman can not survive on noodles alone with no flavor. I nearly threw in more soy just to kick it up a bit, but did not. I thought maybe the subtle flavors would soon reveal themselves. Nope. In fact I still have a strange aftertaste lingering.

So, I downed the soup, slurped the noodles, and even threw in all of my kim, but I am still wanting something. A quick lunch is one thing, but feeling like you need more satiation is another. I would give this instant soup a 2 on a scale of 1-10. It was $3.99 and well, didn't really taste anymore than the package it came in.

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