Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our Wedding Was Just Ducky

Dale and I were married on October 2 this year. We had a private ceremony with a few close friends and we plan on having something bigger when he gets back from his deployment to Iraq.

My "sister," Carmen was kind enough and sweet enough to get us this cake. I bought the rubber ducky toppers and they matched perfectly. The cake was as delicious as it looked.

Eggs In a Nest

Well, I'm back in the saddle again...back in the kitchen again and it's time for my version of Iron Chef. Since Dale is gone I really haven't been cooking for myself. I'm sorry to say that I've done a lot of dining out, eating those leftovers or fast food! Gasp! However, I am starting to get back into cooking and being creative with food.

I go through my own personal Iron Chef challenge on occasion. It's a way to clean out my pantry or freezer to make room for newer and fresher food. I don't like pushing that pack of mystery meat clear in the back only to discover it ages later like an ancient woolly Mammoth! So, the cooking begins. When Dale was getting ready to leave we really cut down buying in bulk and we called that "Operation Pantry/Freezer Clean Sweep." Now I will finish the mission.

I love eating special breakfast and I wanted eggs today. I normally eat my health friendly yogurt and Kashi Go-Lean. This mornings comestible (and it really was tasty) comprised of some leftover Potato Oles that Dale and I had when he ordered the Pack 'n Pound at the Taco Johns on Fort Carson. This meal comprised of 6 tacos and a pound of Potato Oles. We had a bunch of the potato rounds leftover. So they sat in the fridge and we didn't eat them and then I popped them in a bag and into cryogenic suspension waiting...waiting.

Give this a try. It was really good and I think kids would like it because it's fun.

Eggs In a Nest

Serves One

Hashed Brown Potatoes (I used my leftovers, and you can too)
2 Eggs
Crumbled Bacon (I used this bagged stuff I have, but you can use fresh cooked or stuff you prepped a long time ago and froze)
Butter or cooking spray

Heat your pan (I have a small one, but you can use whatever size) on medium and add butter or spray with cooking spray. I used the spray because the Potato Oles are pretty greasy due to their fast food origin. Brown your potatoes in the pan until golden, brown and delicious. When they are ready, turn down the heat a bit and push the spuds to the edges of the pan leaving a hole in the middle, or if you are using a larger pan make a bird nest size. Add a bit more butter or spritz of spray in the middle and crack your eggs in and sprinkle bacon around the edges of the egg. I basted my eggs (put in a little water around the edges and on the yolks and covered with a lid) but you can make them anyway you want. If you want over easy, take the potatoes out and make the eggs and then arrange on the plate. That goes the same for scrambled.

Voila! Slip the nest out onto a warmed plate and enjoy with a slice of buttered toast if you'd like. This is fun and scrumptious. This is a bit like my past post Toad-in-a-Hole breakfast. Although that really isn't Toad-in-a-Hole but I like to call it that.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sorry I Have Been Out of the Kitchen

It's been a long, long time. I can't believe it's been a year since I cooked, photographed, ate and posted something delicious and beautiful.

It's been a very busy year with great additions to my life and some not so great discoveries about my life. I met, fell in love, and married my husband, Dale. He's in Iraq now and I long for the day to see him again.

I was also diagnosed as a pre-diabetic earlier in this year. So, I had to drastically change my eating habits to try to stave off the full blown type 2 diabetes. Obviously this has put a damper on my love for cooking and eating. I must admit that I ate with vigor and most likely to excess like so many of us do. Unfortunately with me getting older (turned the big four-o) and the metabolism isn't like it used to be plus I have the history of diabetes in the family (Korean Granny has been diabetic forever) has taken it's toll.

Of course I started to count carbs and was quite depressed when I realized that I couldn't dive face first into a deep dish of pasta or eat a whole two foot long French baguette on my own anymore. I boycotted cooking and photographing and posting.

Now with some time on my hands I have come to the acceptance that life is too short as it is and I'd rather have quality than excessive quantity. My granny is after all pushing 90 and she's done pretty well for herself with this ailment. I am going to get back into cooking delicious meals and try to be a bit more healthier. We'll see how my new venture in the food world will go. So, I've got some ideas and my cookbooks out. I bought a new kick-ass camera with so many bells and whistles on it and I'm ready to head back into the kitchen. More to follow.