Saturday, December 22, 2007

Soft Boiled To Perfection

This morning is so beautiful! There's a fresh blanket of snow outside and the sun is shining. This prompted me to have one of my favorite things for breakfast...soft boiled eggs. Yummy! It's like heaven in a cup! The first time I ever tried a soft boiled egg was at a little inn that I stayed at in Antwerp, Belgium. The proprietor of the inn made me one with my meat and bread for breakfast.

I used my little egg-timing gadget that I bought from Sparrowhawk, a local gourmet shop. Although I think you can find this little gem anywhere. It really takes the guesswork out of knowing when enough is enough.

Just slip the little guy in with the eggs (always use cold water if your eggs came straight from the fridge) and turn on the heat. I watched it here and there, and when the water started boiling I had to lift the little timer out to see the progress. It turns black as it's heating up, and when the black reached the "soft" mark I knew it was time to chow down.

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