Sunday, October 7, 2007

My First Wedding Cake, and It's Not Even Mine!

This was my first attempt at decorating an official wedding cake, and I must say that it turned out fabulous! I had the bride order the 1/2 sheet cakes from the bakery and a huge tub 'o icing. I went and picked them up the morning before the wedding and went to town.

I did a basket weave motif, then she placed the topper on where she wanted it, and then arranged the flowers. I liked it a lot!

The flowers turned out beautiful too! I arranged most of them and gave a class, so the bride did some too!

These were so much fun to make as I love arranging flowers in vases, and have come to the realization that I love making bouquets, wrist corsages, and boutonnières.

The flowers were beautiful and came from Sam's Club. I must remember that if I ever have to get a large amount of flowers for what ever reason in the future.

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