Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Made Lots ~ Posted Not

Look at what I've made since I've been home back on Cache La Poudre Street, and I didn't even write about it.  Tsk, tsk.

Baked Soft Pretzels made from discarded sourdough starter.  Waste never look so good!
Made these tender and fluffy popovers for Easter breakfast.  Dale had never had them before and he proved that it didn't make a difference.  He woofed half of these puppies down.  
It wouldn't be Easter without Deviled Eggs!  I make mine very simple like both of my grandmothers did.  Simple yet delicious.
Super sharp white cheddar mac & cheese.  Yes, those are Ritz crackers on top.  I'm fancy like that.
Brined a plump chicken and roasted it to perfection.
A tiny loaf of Sourdough made from the extras from my Pullman loaf.
This is the small Pullman loaf.  Look at those perfect sandwich slices of bread. 
This is the large Pullman loaf.  I have to cut it in half and freeze it.  It freezes beautifully by the way.
Good old classic German Farmer's Bread.  This is the whopping full loaf. 

My new pans make wonderful mini Frienship loaves to give to friends and family.  Or eat a whole loaf by myself.  Ahem.
This rich and delicious fish soup with assorted fruits from the sea.  That's Monk Fish upfront and centered.  It's called the "Poor Man's Lobster" and I can see why.  The texture was so good!
I helped in the sushi sweatshop at my sister, Dori's house.  Impressive isn't it?

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