Thursday, November 8, 2012

Comestibles on KAF?

Ah, here I am deployed yet again.  I fear that as long as I'm in the Army I will deploy many more times after. I am in Afghanistan instead of Iraq this time.  Although the quality of life and even job is "better and easier" I'm not going to still stinks.  Literally it stinks here on Kandahar Airfield thanks to a giant quad pool of human excrement and nastiness.  But enough about that as Comestible Creations is about savoring and relishing good food and drink and other stuff.

However, the food here does stink and everyone at home should appreciate the delicious bounty to choose from either at a grocery store or a nice restaurant.

Yeah, yeah, I've had worse deployments but I don't live in the past.  I live in the now, and now the food is gross and makes me want to throw up a little bit.  I'm glad that others share my woes and frustrations of the dining facilities (DFACs) here. A friend of mine, Chris turned me onto this humorous and very truthful blog called Just DFACS Ma'am.  Reading this makes me laugh and gives me some comfort to know that I'm not the only one with working taste buds.

I've also been inspired to post on my blog now even though I'm not cooking.  Well, I do "cook" per say in my room with the occasional ramen noodle cup, but you can hardly call plugging in an electric kettle to boil water cooking.  Like I said before, I live in the now.

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