Monday, July 14, 2008

Iron Chef

The secret ingredient is....

...what ever is left in my refrigerator!

I am getting ready to leave for a year and I've discovered that I've got a bunch of food in my fridge. I tried not to buy to much since I've been home from Virginia, but lo and behold there is still stuff.

This morning after a vigorous workout at the gym I decided to whip up this pseudo frittata using the ingredients in my fridge (leftover grilled shrimp, fresh herbs, and cheese). It was delicious!

Iron Chef Diane's Pseudo Frittata

Four Eggs (two yolks, four whites - this is what I like if I'm going to eat that many eggs at one sitting)
Chopped up grilled shrimp (about 10 or so)
Two slices Muenster cheese, torn up
Chopped chives
(I put a tad chopped tarragon and realized that it's not the best with eggs, so omit it)
A few heavy dashes of dried onion flake (I like these for some reason)

In a large nonstick skillet spray with cooking spray and put over medium heat. Beat up eggs with the chopped herbs and onion flakes. Put chopped grilled shrimp into pan and heat up a bit, making sure to spread them over the pan evenly. Pour over egg mixture. Sprinkle torn up cheese on top and heat until eggs are cooked on the edges and the top is slightly jiggly. Flip. I used a big nonstick spatula and flipped but you can do the Iron Chef wrist flip in the pan thing if you can. Cook for one more minute.

Invert a plate on top, and flip the whole pan so your pseudo frittata is right side up. You could also put this under the broiler for a minute.

Really, you could add any ingredients that your little heart should desire. Enjoy!

This is a huge portion and you could share it with someone or eat it up all by yourself. That's what I did, but had to leave a little behind.

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