Thursday, November 8, 2007

Discover Your Inner Barista! It's Not Rocket Science!

Yum, yum! Warm grilled bread with peanut butter, some yogurt, and a cup of fresh hot coffee!! This is a great breakfast before I head off to Denver to drop off some friends to the airport. Making your own coffee is always good, grinding your own coffee and making it is better, but grinding and pressing your own coffee is fabulous!

All you need is a coffee grinder (most people have this once gourmet item), a good French press pot (got mine at Liquid Planet), boiling water, and four minutes. It's as easy as that!

French Press Coffee

French press pot (20 oz. travel pot)
3 T (rounded) medium coarse ground coffee, your flavor of choice (used Starbucks Guatemala Antigua today)
hot water

Put the water on to boil and place coffee into pot. Add hot water and stir the ground and water. Take plunger and just place on the top. DO NOT PLUNGE. Wait 4 minutes. This may seem forever but you will be rewarded! Enjoy!

Coffee is so comforting to me. I don't drink it everyday so it's more of a treat than a necessity. The rich aroma and the deep flavor is just heaven.

Whenever I go out to dinner and have dessert I always order coffee. It could be 11 at night and I'll have a steaming cup of java with my always-chocolate dessert. Go out and grab yourself a cup or better yet...brew your own!!

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