Sunday, January 28, 2007

Blogger Postcards Around the World ~ Happy Valentine's Day

I was thrilled to parttake in this event! How cool is it? For those of you who don't know how it works, please go to Blogger Postcards Around The World #2 - Happy Valentine's for more details.

Well, here is my card. I thought long and hard on how I wanted to do this, and Meeta gave us a theme on Valentine's Day. So, here is my effort.

When I was a child my oldest sister always gave us boxes of these little Valentine's candies made by Necco. They were very chalky and very cheap, and still remain to be, but each little heart had a quirky imprint.

I've noticed that they have changed since the last time I received them! With messages as "EMAIL ME", "URA 10", "IM ME" and such. I wonder who's on that board for changing the messages with the changing times? I remember phrases such as "GROOVY", "CUTIE", and "UR NEAT". They could easily bring those timeless words back as it seems that what was in style then is deffinately in now.

Take care and until next time, be good to your loved ones and most of all be good to yourself!


Meeta said...

Diane! I am so glad this worked. You waited long enough for it LOL!

A wonderful card.

Sumitha said...

Thanks Diane,I am so happy got your beautiful card!Have a Great Day!:)